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2025 Subaru Forester Sport: A More Powerful, Efficient, and Stylish SUV

2025 Subaru Forester Sport

The 2025 Subaru Forester Sport is shaping into a highly desirable compact SUV with a stylish design, powerful performance, advanced technology, and off-road capabilities.

As of September 30, 2023, there are several key features and updates that potential buyers can look forward to.

2025 Subaru Forester Sport

2025 Subaru Forrester Sport
2025 Subaru Forrester Sport

One of the most notable upgrades includes safety features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and automatic emergency braking.

These features are expected to be standard in the 2025 model, enhancing the overall safety profile of the vehicle.

The Forester Sport will continue its tradition of exceptional off-road capabilities. The 2024 Wilderness model increased ground clearance to 9.2 inches thanks to longer coil springs and shock absorbers.

This enhanced suspension increases trail capability and delivers the comfortable ride the Forester is known for. It’s expected that the 2025 model will follow suit.


The exterior of the 2025 Forester Sport is expected to feature slim headlights, an oval grille, and sharp design elements on the front fascia.

Redesigned taillights and an updated rear bumper design are also anticipated at the back. The current Forester features Subaru’s old interior design, so a refresh is likely.

The current foresters may not be as unique as the first generation, but they are still different from other generations.

The cabin may have evolved to look more like an SUV, but there’s no denying that there’s a wagon inside.

There’s no denying the unique flat-four engine that can be found under the hood. This machine is known to produce smooth revs and significant noise.

Like the first generation, the vehicle is one of the most capable crossovers on the market. The model’s Wilderness trim levels offered specifically for off-road provide significant updates such as improved traction control, suspension lift, and a skid plate.

But the main reason the Forester is so capable is its symmetrical all-wheel drive system. You see, most crossovers have transversely mounted engines with front-wheel drive-based all-wheel drive systems that only send power to the rear when needed.


In terms of interior space, the 2025 Forester Sport offers ample room. With the second row folded, it provides 69.1 cubic feet of space.

When the second row is used, passengers still have plenty of room. The legroom for the rear is decent, and the front passengers won’t have issues with headroom.

The interior of the Forester has always been one of its strengths. The cart-like design generates ample space with an amount of space, such as 69.1 cubic feet with the second row folded or 26.9 cubic inches with the second row used.

The legroom in the back is quite good, and the front passenger will have no problem with headroom.

Of course, the price of the Subaru is relatively low ($26,495); Therefore, on the inside, it is not as luxurious as other crossovers. However, the interior remains comfortable and practical, which has worked well for many years.

The new model is expected to feature similar attributes regarding space and comfort but may get extras like a 12-inch digital gauge cluster and an 11-inch infotainment system.

The infotainment display may be the same as the one in Corsstrek. Features like wireless charging will most likely be implemented from Crosstrek to the new Forester once it’s released.

2025 Subaru Forester Sport Interior
2025 Subaru Forester Sport Interior


Subaru is expected to modernize its vehicles to ensure they meet current standards. First, the collaboration with Toyota is likely to pair Subaru’s 2.0-liter Boxer (FB20) engine with Toyota’s hybrid system.

This is an excellent idea because Subaru knows how to make great Boxer units, and Toyota is one of the leading manufacturers of hybrid technology. This marriage will give the Forester better fuel economy and power.

The 2.0-liter FB20 produces 143 horsepower (horsepower may vary by configuration). With a Toyota motor, we can expect around 193 horsepower and a fuel mileage close to 40 mpg.

Looking closely under the Forester, you’ll see a high ground clearance. This is true for all generations, especially for the latest Wilderness model, which features an imposing 9.2 inches.

The ground clearance available on the Forester is due primarily to the four-corner independent suspension with long control arms.

This design may not offer much articulation; However, this keeps the difference high, thus providing more clearance.

The above setup makes the Forester significantly more capable than most crossovers, and is why Subaru has earned the name as a much more capable machine than it looks.

2025 Subaru Forester Sport Price

The price of the 2025 Subaru Forester Sport is yet to be announced. However, for reference, the 2023 Subaru Forester Sport was priced at $30,965 MSRP. A slight price increase can be expected due to inflation and the addition of new features and technology.

The 2025 Subaru Forester Sport promises to be a top contender in its class, offering a blend of style, performance, safety, and off-road capabilities.

With its potential hybrid or electric powertrain, it’s also set to be a more eco-friendly choice for consumers.

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