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2022 Subaru WRX STI Release Date, Pricing

2022 Subaru WRX STI Release Date, Pricing

2022 Subaru WRX STI Release Date, Pricing – We’ve been waiting for a new version of the Subaru WRX since the compact Impreza redesigned arrived a few years ago, and it looks like we’ll have to keep waiting for at least another year for it to arrive.

But we already know a lot of information about the new model, and recently planted rumors all the time, such as the latest report from Forbes that says a WRX STI is going to pack a big blow: up to 400 worth of horsepower, to be specific.

2022 Subaru WRX STI Release Date, Pricing

2022 Subaru WRX STI Release Date, Pricing
2022 Subaru WRX STI Release Date, Pricing


2022 Subaru WRX STI Engine

This story lends confidence to our initial speculation that the new WRX and WRX STI will use a Subaru FA24 turbocharged version of the 2.4-liter boxer – four currently installed in climbing, Outback, and Legacy.

The output figures reported at least 400 horsepower and 361 lb-ft torque for the new STI, though, and surprisingly, considering that this machine-made 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft torque in a more Plebis-Tribune application.

Obviously, this machine will be highly tuned for WRX and WRX STI, likely with larger turbochargers making more encouragement and internally enhanced. We suspect STI will offer only six speeds of the manual transmission, while the standard WRX will also offer a stick shift or CVT option.

The WRX Platform too will be shared with other Subaru models, which all ride on what the company calls the Subaru global platform.

These basics are likely to give the center a low gravity compared to the WRX out, and the all-wheel-drive will be the standard, natch. This, of course, has rigid suspensions, larger brakes, and a grippier tire compared to Impreza, and we hope to see STI with their iconic gold wheels.

As for the styling of the new model, Subaru has offered some previews of what WRX will look like in the form of the performance Viziv concept of a few years ago and the recently revealed Japanese – Market Levorg wagon.

The Render of our artists shows a lower, longer, and more aggressive WRX than the current car, with more differentiation than ever to differentiate it from the mainstream Impreza sedan.

2022 Subaru WRX STI Price

Our best guess is that the new WRX will debut when at 2021, which means there will likely be arriving in the US as soon as the model 2022 years. STI will likely follow WRX standard by several months, and both models are ready to have an uptick price. We will bet somewhere around $30,000 for the WRX base price and upwards of $40,000 for STI.

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